Saturday, August 7, 2010

Butterflies and Spiderwebs

Been awhile again since I posted here. I haven't been out on many adventures since it has been so hot. I walked out into the wilderness this afternoon for a little while. I took a few photos of butterflies and some of a spiderweb stretched across the path. Here they are.

This one was on a bush beside the front porch.

Beside the porch.

I have no idea what this creature is. It looks like a cross between a housefly and a bumblebee. It's about the size of a bumblebee.

This one and the next few are a spiderweb across the path back to the house.
 The spider has caught some kind of insect.

The spider has moved to the top. As I started to leave, I accidently caught a supporting strand of the web and it all collapsed except one or two strands. Sorry about that Mr. Spidey. I'm sure he'll have it built back before dark.

That's all

Later, if not sooner 


Cathleen~ said...

Really enjoyed your beautiful photos! What camera do you use??

Chuck Buckner said...

it;s a Canon PowerShot A590