Friday, July 2, 2010

Tale of the House Wrens

I haven't posted in some time. I haven't been out walking near as much because of the hot humid weather. I'll be glad when it cools off a little.
I work in my garage all the time, every day. A while back I noticed a small bird flying in and out a lot. So, I looked around and found her nest in an old metal locker. It's right behind where I sit most of the time.

This is the nest with five small eggs in it.

This is the mother wren sitting on the eggs.

I took this one the day the little birds hatched on the 14th of June.

This was four days later on the 18th.

They grew very fast. This is on the 20th of June.

On the 21st. The small nest is getting crowded.

22nd of June.

On the 26th. They are about as big as their mother in the second photo above.
I think that two of them had flown already.

Taken on the 27th of June. I was away from home most of the day and found the nest empty upon return.
The next day three of the birds were still hangung around in the garage. I finally herded them all outside and haven't seen them since. This is the third nest that I have found this year and the only one where the birds hatched and survived long enough to fly away. Some critter got the eggs in the first one and in the second one something got the newly hatched birds. Those other two nests were both Brown Thrashers.

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