Monday, May 10, 2010

Bird Story

Last year there was a bird nest in a Rose Of Sharon bush beside the front porch. I took photos of the birds after they hatched until they flew away. Last winter I trimmed the bush way back. A few days ago I noticed a bird sitting in it with a stick in her mouth. Every time I went outside that day there were more sticks which she was building a nest with.
Yesterday I took this photo.

And today I took this one of the nest with two eggs in it. Hopefully this bird story will end happier than the last one. This one is close to the house, so I'll keep a closer eye on it.

I took the rest of these today after it rained most of the morning.


                                            Maple Leaf

Pink Rose

Red-Oak Leaf


Another Rose

                                                                         And Another

And Another

That's all for now.



noye studios said...

cool! i wonder what kind of bird it is?

Chuck Buckner said...

I'm fairly sure it's a Brown Thrasher

Ronnie said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures, Charles. I wouldn't have known those were Thrasher eggs. I've been finding a lot of broken shells around our yard like these. Enjoy the Summer. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this nest.