Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Contest

I've entered three photos in a contest at ThirstyPhoto.com. Below are the links. I've listed one for each photo. I'd appreciate any votes for either of the three photos. The contest consists of a popular voting round and then a judging round. There will be three winners for each round.

Hepatica link.

Here are the three photos:
Hepatica. It is one of the early blooming wildflowers. It is usually white, blue, pink or purple according to info I gathered. I have seen white, blue and purple but no pink ones as yet. I took this photo last Spring in the mountains of Northeast Alabama. This is a macro shot. The blooms of this little beauty are only about an inch across.

Trout Lily link.

The Trout Lily is another early blooming wildflower. I found very few of these in the mountains around here. These were in the bottom of a deep hollow near the stream bed and also near a waterfall. They open wide according to the amount of sunlight. I made several long trips to photograph these before I finally caught them this open. I have several photos of them closed up.

Day Lily link.

This is a Day Lily and was taken in Mentone, Alabama which is about an hour's drive from the house on Lookout Mountain. If I had to name this one, it would probably be candle light. That is what it reminds me of, a candle burning brightly in a colorful dish.

I will greatly appreciate any votes cast for any of these.

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