Sunday, July 29, 2012


I've changed my blog a little to better reflect what I basically use it for, that is, to post photos of what I discover as I wander around aimlessly in the wilderness behind the house. Right now there are mushrooms all over the woods here and that's what I have been photographing mostly. So here are what I’ve taken today and the last few days. If I identify a mushroom, it was done by comparing pictures and reading about them online. Most of my identifications are at best tentative and may be wrong. I love photographing fungi, but I do not eat wild mushrooms. Precise identification is nice, but my life does not depend on it.

I took this shot yesterday. The next one is the same mushroom today, less than twenty-fours later.

                                                             Mushrooms change quickly.



Blue mushroom

                                        From the bottom side. I found a few of these today.

                                           This is an Amanita Jacksonii that has just emerged. It will become larger and the cap will flatten and change colors some. See the next photo.

This is not the same mushroom,but the same type.

     Again, not the same mushroom, but the same type after the top has grown and become flat.

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