Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wilderness Walk

I went for a long walk into the wilderness today, Here are some of the things I found there.

                                These are poke salet berries. Poke salet Annie used to pick poke salet down in
Louisiana.  She didn't pick the berries though. They're not good to eat because they're toxic to humans. Birds eat them. That's one way that mother nature sees after wild life. She supplies them food that humans can't eat safely. 

Speaking of eating, it appears a bug, beetle or some small critter eat his way around these mushrooms in a wild patterned feeding frenzy. You know what they say, some creatures food is someone else's art.

Another mushroom. Looks like something bigger may have taken a small bite of this one.

This is a wildflower named Ironweed.

Spider web. You have to be careful walking through the woods in the warmer months. For one thing, you might walk up on a Rattlesnake or a Copperhead. Another thing, you might walk right through one these spider webs. They are not too pleasant to have wrapped around you, not to mentioned distroying the spiders whole universe. As far as I know these spiders are harmless. If one ever bit me, I didn't know it.

Another wildflower. Whorled Tickweed. They are in the sunflower family.

Another wildflower, also of the sunflower family. Woodland sunflower. I found a pretty good sized patch of these growing. Beautiful yellow flowers.

I saw some other things today too and photographed some of them, but that's all for now.


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