Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mushrooms, Wild Azaleas and other wildflowers.

The last time I went walking down into the "big holler" I found some flowers growing that were just starting to bloom. They didn't look like any typical wildflower that I've seen, but like some kind of Iris from someone's yard. I went back today to take photos while they are in bloom. Here are the photos.
                       I looked these up and they are wildflowers. Wild Dwarf Crested Iris.

On my way there, I discovered some mushrooms growing. Last year was a bad year for mushrooms in the places where I walk in the wilderness. It was so dry. Maybe this year will be different. They are one of my favorite things to photograph. Here are the pictures.

Here's a couple of other wildflower shots. The purple one is a violet. I'm not sure about the yellow one.

I know where there are a few wild azalea bushes growing. It's the only place I know of around here where these grow. I'm sure there are others though. When my mother was living, I used to cut bunches of these and bring to her. She'd put them in a vase of water and they'd keep for several days. We used to call them bush honeysuckles, but I think the correct name is wild azalea.

Not completely opened yet.  If I remember right, the blooms on this bush are more white than some of the others.


                                                                  That's all for now.