Friday, March 26, 2010


I've walked a lot in the wilderness the past few days in search of wildflowers blooming. I've found several and tried to identify them. I've labeled the photos I uploaded with the name I think identifies the plant.

Trout Lily. I'm positive of the Id of this one based on what I've read and pictures I looked at. These blooms close up at night or on overcast days. I went back today to where I took this photo and the blooms were all closed up as you can see in the next photo. It had been cloudy all morning.

I'll go back in a few days.

Chickweed. I think.

Cohosh. These are just now popping up.

Hepatica. These and the next ones were growing close together on top of a huge rock.

Hepatica of a different color.

Rue Anemone.

Beech tree where someone carved Nature Boy into the bark.


Where I located the trout lilies there are hundred of them, but I only found them in a small area. Most have a single leaf, but the ones that are blooming have two.

I haven't been able to identify these yet. They are tiny and are growing near where I found the trout lilies.

That's all


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