Thursday, March 11, 2010

ART — created by Mother Nature

I went to an awesome art gallery today. It is in the wilderness behind the house.

This is one of the nice pieces of art I saw. Note the small rock on the right side embedded in the wood.
A nice arrangement of rocks accentuated with a little running water.

This is the bark of a Beech tree.

Doesn't this sculpture belong in a museum somewhere?
Nah, it would look out of place away from its natural surroundings.

This plant is growing wild in the big hollow. It looks like one I've seen in a flower pot.

Another one.

another rock.

Another rock with holes cut in it for dramatic affect.

Mother Nature likely worked on this for a long time.

Great smile. Da Vinci didn't have anything on Mother Nature.

I imagine that this took some time too. Mother Nature has lots of time though.

These last works of art are waterfalls. Their beauty speaks for itself.

That's all for now.



Ronnie said...

Always a respite from the craziness. Thanks Charles. Was that little plant a trilium?

Chuck Buckner said...

I'm not sure about the plant, but I did look at some photos and it does look like a trilium. If I go back later, after it blooms, I'll take another photo.

Anonymous said...

I was going to also say I think the plant is a trilium! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Almost like taking a walk myself! Thanks!

noye studios said...

beautiful post. this is one of my favorite galleries too ;-)