Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trees, Feathers, Waterfalls, the Pond and other unusual things.

While I was out walking around in the woods today, I looked for unusual things to photograph. So, I took pictures of two trees, two waterfalls, a feather and the pond. Here they are.
I hope the bird doesn't need this feather he/she left behind.

The pond water is clear, but starting to take on more green as plants are growing on the bottom.

This is a cool tree with the white fungi attached.

Roots of a beech tree. This one is right in the bed of a small hollow and water has worn the soil away.

Waterfall with rocks of the overhang showing in the background. I've taken several pictures here from behind the water looking out.

I like this picture. The camera captured the water drops as they splatterd and bounced away.

Sometimes, strange and unusual things are around right under our noses. Think about it.


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Danangib said...

Lovely pictures and beautiful surroundings.
I love the picture of the lake, I like the reflection and the greenish colour.