Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dinosaurs, Cavemen and Cavewomen

Today, I went on an historical journey. I left the house and first thing I saw was a Robin. I guess Spring can't be too far away.

 I arrived down in the big hollow and I spotted this fossil rock.
It looks like part of the spine of a dinosaur. Maybe it's from a Ceratosaurus.
Whatever kind it was, it was probably mean and big and had sharp teeth.
Those cave people had it pretty rough, having to share the land with dinosaurs.

I found this pan also. It was probably used by a cave woman to cook supper in. Cave women stayed at home in the cave most of the time. I guess they did. We don't really know what went on back in those days.
Those cave ladies were pretty smart though. The men had to go out and kill dinosaurs for food. While they were hunting the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs were hunting them, also for food. They women were smart to just stay around the cave and watch the cave kids. That was a big job though. They didn't have as much to keep the cave kiddoes occupied back then and if they left them outside an Archaeopteryx might swope down and carry them off. All living things in those days seemed to be meat eaters and always hungry.

This is a place the cave people would not want to locate their cave. That water dripping would keep them up all night. Of course, with all the dangers around, they likely didn't sleep much anyway.

This is a nice pool of water. Hey! Even cave people need to go swimming now and then.

I bet the cave folks used a falls like this as a place to take a shower. It had to be down stream from the pool though. They wouldn't want all that dirt and grit getting in the swimming pool.

This is another nice pool. See the big rock and the face.
There's a mouth and nose and an eye that is closed.
If I had noticed when I was taking this, I would have been scared.
Those cave folks were truly brave souls to deal with dinosaurs and all that, and rock monsters too.
Think about it.

That's all for now.


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