Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Ice and a Mystery Pup

I took some more photos of ice along the bluff today. The icicles were bigger than last time. Also, in some of the pictures there is a dog who came up in the yard one day and decided to stay. We have tried to find out who he belongs to, but haven't had any success. When I go walking, he follows me. We don't really want another dog right now, but if no one claims this one or if we can't find out who he belongs to, we may have one anyway.

He looks black, but is realy dark brown and dark red mixed.
He is a beautiful dog.

                                       Sunset this afternoon 10-06-10

That's all for now.


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Pixie said...

That pup needs you. Sometimes, they choose us, we don't choose them. My dad has a schnauzer show up at his very remote house and the dog stayed. It has been 5 years now, and he has become a really good dog. I love your pics, they remind me so much of Arkansas.