Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I love trees, especially old ones. They remind me of old people. I look at one and wonder what they have seen in their lifetime.

I believe that trees talk to each other. Not as we talk, but in a different way.
The two pictures above are of the same tree. I've walked by it enough times that I'm sure it knows me, the way that trees know things, that is.

This is one of my favorite trees. It sits right on the bluff overlooking the big hollow. I love the way the limbs are all twisted. The next few pictures are the same tree from different angles.

This is looking toward the pond which is in the background. The big hollow is just beyond.
The woods are in their stark winter state. In a way, it is a good time to explore. you can see farther and see terrain features better.



Mary said...

Your photos are beautiful.

Chuck Buckner said...

Thanks, Mary
I took these this afternoon after heavy rains had fallen, then the wind had picked up and cleared most of the clouds away. The air was crystal clear.