Thursday, October 22, 2009

The wilderness across the road, a squirrel and wild turkeys

This morning  I decided to go out in a different direction. I walked across the road that runs in front of the house and entered the wilderness over there. It was a good change of pace. There is a bluff, another deep hollow and a view of the valley beyond.

The road in front of the house.

View from the bluff looking west. I've walked all over these woods during my lifetime.

Another view from the bluff.

This bush is growing on the slope.

Pretty berries.

I spotted a squirrel. As I was photographing this one, another squirrel was barking at me.


As I was taking this, I heard something back up the mountain. I looked and three or four turkeys flew out over the tree tops. I heard something else above. It was another turkey.

It was a gobbler with about an eight inch long beard. I didn't get a good photo.
A second or two later he sailed out over the trees too. It was a fun morning.


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Pixie said...

your pictures remind me so much of my beloved Ozark Mtns in Arkansas. Thanks for sharing!