Friday, September 18, 2009

Wildflowers, Mushrooms and Hieroglyphics

Today, Petey and I were able to take a few pictures of wildflowers, mushrooms and a dead log covered with hieroglyphics. First things first.

Beautiful  yellow at the edge of the wilderness.

                                  More Yellow. That's close to the color of our home.

Beautiful wildflowers growing in a briar patch.

                                              What is this?
                                              Everybody Knows.
                                              It dances all day
                                              When the wind blows.

Bad hair day? I don't know. I kinda like the style.

Red Mushroom.

Another red one.


Another white.

I love this one. These litttle flowers are not much bigger than a dime
The one below is on the same plant, but is a different bloom.

The picture above and the one below are of a dead tree that had fallen. All the bark is gone.
There are hieroglyphics all over it. That proves that ancient man lived here in the past. I wish I knew how to read these markings.
You know what? After looking closer, these look more like where a worm or some kind of bug eat their way around the tree under the bark.

That's all for now. Hasta la vista.

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