Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi folks

Today, myself and Wonder Dog were out and about as usual. I was walking across the field next to the wilderness and I spotted something on the ground. It looked like a brain. We studied it closely to make sure it wasn't a mushroom. But no, it sure looks like a brain to me. 
That means that someone is walking around out there somewhere brainless. I thought about carrying it around and trying to locate the owner, but you know what? How would I ever find him/her. There are so many brainless people around these days. Which one does it belong to?

I figured that whoever belongs to this brain will come back and reclaim it if they were using it. If they weren't using it—and there are plenty of people around with good brains who don't use them—then they won't miss it anyway. Me and Petey decided to let it stay where it was, lying there on the ground. That's a nice brain too.


Mary said...

holy crap!! what the heck is it??

Chuck Buckner said...

It's really a huge mushroom.