Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This morning, me and Wonder Dog took to the woods again. One of the first things I noticed was a morning glory bloom. It was opened wide. I took a picture and this afternoon when we went back I took another of the same bloom closed up.
I found these cedar posts that someone had leaned against a tree. I put them there last winter. I’ll bring them home one day and make something from them.
I found some acorns also. I’ve noticed several of these already on the ground. Maybe the wildlife will have plenty of them to eat this winter. There are lots of deer in the wilderness where Petey and I go every day.
I walked on. Petey was off running like he always does. He only comes around when I need him or when I head home. I noticed this old boot. I knew there used to be many Native Americans who lived in these woods. Evidently, there were cowboys too. Cowboys and Indians here together. Imagine that.

The old boot didn’t really look that out of place. Mother Nature has a way of taking things and making them part of the natural landscape. Eventually, when there are no more humans on the planet, Mother Nature will set about making everything the way she wants it. She’ll hide some things that man left and blend in others so they look natural. She is doing it already, but she is slow and methodical. It is a struggle to keep up with man’s destructiveness.

I was headed back to the house thinking that this trip would be uneventful. A many legged creature appeared in front of me blocking the way. I just happened to remember an old saying that relaxed the creature and he let me pass. I said “Grand Daddy, Grand Daddy, Which way is your cow? Grand Daddy Grand Daddy which way is your cow?”

He raised one of his legs and pointed that way. Then he let me go by.

This afternoon we went back. I noticed this dead tree. I have seen a lot of these since I started walking in the woods a lot. They are dead trees, but still standing with part of the bark falling off. I don’t recall seeing as many years ago when I was young and stayed in the woods all the time. Maybe something is killing them.
I also found this Ball. When I first spotted, I thought it might be a dragon egg. It was just a golf ball. I know how it got there too. I stand in the back yard and hit golf balls out across wilderness sometimes.
The two pictures below are stalks of ginseng with red berries shining. I used to dig ginseng all the time in the fall of the year.

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