Monday, August 31, 2009

These are the Adventures of Nature Boy and Petey the Wonder Dog. That’s Petey’s picture below. He doesn’t like for his picture to be taken. I had to hold him by the tail with a blast from a sunburst gun. Don’t worry. It’s painless.

Today, in the morning, we embarked on one of our twice daily trips into the wilds of the woods behind the house. As I was crossing the field—Petey had already ran off—I spotted a stalk of poke salat. I wondered if some old chief had made war paint using red berries like these. I walked on.

Just as I was entering the woods, a fire-breathing dragon appeared in front of me. He was belching and snorting, blowing smoke and spewing fire. I was scared for a moment. Petey came flying out of nowhere, that's where he had ran off to. The dragon tried to camouflage itself in some green grass, but I got a picture to show all the naysayers. We walked on. Rather, I walked, Petey, bored with the dragon, ran off again.
I glanced down at the leaf covered ground and spotted something shiny. Thinking it might be a lost artifact from some long forgotten civilization, I took a picture of it.

After I turned it over, I saw that it was just an old hubcap. Those ancient civilizations might have had automobiles too, I guess.

That just is about all of our adventure today. I did take a picture of a Hickory nut. I thought it was something else to start with, like a weapon of mass destruction or something.

I also took a picture of this old deadwood tree too. I thought it might have some significance. The ancients who landed here on Earth long ago left beacons of communication all over the place. This may be one of them. Some people think Stonehenge is something like that. I doubt it. Those ancients were smarter than that. They wouldn't pile up a bunch of rocks that look out of place. They'd leave a stick in the woods inconspicuously or a bird's feather stuck up somewhere. They wouldn't want it to become a tourist attraction.

Anyway that's it for today. We'll be going back to the woods tomorrow. Who knows what lies there still.

Til next time.

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