Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello fellow adventurers
Wonder Dog and I haven't posted anything for awhile. We have still been out  in the wilderness every day.
We've just been busy with other stuff, like creating art pieces  and writing and also trying to sell  stuff at different places here and there, mostly there.

I took these pictures yesterday and today. They are a giant centipede and angry toad.

The muscadines are getting ripe, more every day. I've been eating them as fast as they get ripe.

These next photos are mushrooms I found today. I guess the white one is some kind of fungi.
That's all for now.


BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Nature Boy! I sure have enjoyed your blog and your nature pictures! You never know what you might see out there! Loved the pics of the wildflowers! The Ironweed is blooming it's head off right now. I enjoyed the pictures of the mushrooms too! I have seen quite a few on my road lately. My camera is broke and I am going crazy without it! Nice to meet you and I will be back!

Mary said...

These are great pictures. What fun to get a peek at your adventures with Petey!! It was nice to see him. You too!! :)

Congratulations on your degree. Sticking with it will all of life's stuff is a great accomplishment!