Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gnome and Elfin homes

I took a lot of pictures on mine and Wonder Dog's latest adventure into the partially unknown wilderness. Most of them are gnome or elfin homes. Some people call them mushrooms.

The one above is a tiny lookout tower fora family of elves. If you look closely you might see a four leaf clover near the bottom .
This one is huge and probably is home to several gnomes. It was in the field behind the house before you get to the wilderness. There are two of these in the field. Here are some more pictures of them.
I don't know what you call these white things. I'll have to ask Petey. Maybe he'll know.
The ones below are tiny. There's several at the bottom of the picture. 
I don't know what these are either.
This is a giant mushroom. There's probably a giant gnome inside.
This is the same one from a different perspective.

                                                          ^  The same one from above

Another gnome home.
                                             This one was on the edge of the wilderness, in the open.

You can see how small it is. Some gnomes live in little houses.
Or, it might be an elf's home.
That's all the mushroom pictures. I took these yesterday—Monday. When we went back today I noticed that deer had eaten one of the big ones. Deer love fresh gnome houses. Don't worry about the gnomes though. They always escape and can build another mushroom home overnight.
These next pictures are of some art pieces I did last week. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Ernie  (I started to call him barefoot Ernie)
Pearl (old hippie turned punk-rocker)
The entire group.
"B" is in the lower right corner. This was before I completed him.
That's all for now.
Til next time.
Nature Boy and Wonder Dog, Petey.


Marcia Bauerle said...

Love you photos and creative commentary!

marthaberry said...

Don't eat the mushrooms unless you know what you are doing! I liked seeing the bits of nature in your photos. I seem to have no time to go look at such things.

Tell your wife hello from Martha.

Keep on writing. Blogs are fun.