Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gnomes and Honey bees

Today Petey and I took our  usual trip into the partially unknown world of the wilderness behind the house.

Just as we entered the woods, I looked up and saw that muscadines on a vine that we pass every day were getting ripe.  I know it won't be long until I'll be stopping there every day to have a snack. Wild muscadines are delicious.

As I traveled on I spotted something white in the grass.  It was a gnome house. Or, it may be a pseudo-gnome home. Those things are tricky little critters. They'll go to a lot of trouble building gnome homes and never move in. They leave them there to fool people into thinking gnomes are inside. When you get down on all fours and peep inside the gnomes will be nearby laughing like crazy cause they fooled you.
I didn't peep inside but did take a picture. There might be gnomes inside or there may not be gnomes inside.
I'm not going to look.

As we  came out of the woods and crossed the field we saw these yellow flowers. These are Goldenrod blooms if I'm not mistaken. They used to be the official state flower. I think they still should be. But, anyway, while we were standing there I heard two honey bees talking. I didn't mean to listen in, but you know.
This is how the conversation went.

"Hey, Bob."

"What is it, Tom? Can't you see  I'm busy?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm busy too. We're bees. What else would we be?  That's what I wanted to talk to you about. We're always busy, doing all the work while those lazy drones sit in the hive and do nothing except get fat."

"So, that just the way things are, the  way they have always been."

"Well, Bob. I'm tired of the same old thing. Look at my wings. They're about worn out. What happens when you and me can't fly anymore? "

"I am tired. What's on your mind?"

"I think we should  organize. All the workers could get together away from the hive and come up with a set of demands. We could present our demands to the Queen and  let her know it's either this or  we don't work any longer."

"You mean have a strike?"

"Yes, we'll have a strike."

"You think we could get all the younger workers to go along?"

"Maybe, I can be persuasive when I set my mind to it."

"Okay, lets do it. Let me know how it  turns out."

"Forget it. You're just like the Queen and those lazy drones. You want me to do all the work.

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