Monday, October 26, 2009

Ginseng, Briar patches and Colorful Leaves.

Today's walk was an adventure. I went back across the road and into the wilderness. I went a little farther down the mountain side. It's been a few years since I ventured there. Timber has been harvested in places and grown back over with vines, briars etc. It was rough going until I found some woods where the trees hadn't been cut down. An old logging road that I used to travel a lot was still there.

This is some of the cut-over jungle thta I had to walk through. I followed a deer trail through most of it.

I was standing in a briar patch when I took this one.

A little color. I hope to get some better photos of the fall leaves before long.

Going up? This tree is in the area where the timber hadn't been cut. So is the next one of the ginseng plant.

Ginseng. To anyone who has ever tramped through the woods in search of these roots of gold this is a beautiful sight. This time of year, ginseng takes on a yellow color unlike any thing else in the woods.

A nice deer rub. It looks like it was made last year. The buck that made it is probably still around though.
I haven't hunted deer for several years now. But, I might go again one day. You never know.
The biggest threat to any wildlife, anywhere, is destruction and loss of habitat.

Sassafras leaves along a fence row. Not in the wilderness but I walked by it on the way home.

Pretty leaf.

Every Sunday since last April, Suzan and I have made the trip to Chattanooga
and the Market there. This was yesterday morning as the Eastern sky was just lighting up a little.

Strange lights on Nickajack Lake?
It's actually the flash on the camera reflected against the glass of the car window.

This is at the market before it got crowded. I meant to take more photos there, but didn't.
My camera  feels out of place among civilization, kind of like myself.


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