Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploring the Wilderness


I have taken several pictures of wildflowers, mushrooms and other stuff  the past few days. I also finished a short story titled "Uhaul" Upshaw. It's about a character that I had previously created for a series of folk tales.  I have two short stories, "Fly" and "They Don't Pick Cotton by Hand Any More" that will be published soon in an anthology by, which is based in Great Britain and has been sponsored in part by the English Council of Arts.

This is the brain that I found the other day. This is what happens to a brain when it is left idle for a few days. It starts to decay and eventually dies from not being used.

I wish I had the energy that bees have.

This is a bumblebee.

A nice blend of colors. Thank you, mother nature.

I'm about tired of taking pictures of mushrooms. I can't resist when I see one.

This is a cool old stump with a mushroom hiding in the back ground.

Another one.  I may start taking pictures of blades of grass or single leaves. The only way to explore the universe is pixel by pixel. If you try to see everything all at once, you miss all the tiny details.


More wildflowers and a bee.

Here's a fire breathing dragon. They'll probably try to take over now that Wonder Dog is not physically around.
I have a few tricks though.

Here's another one.

That's all for now. I've been working on an art box. I'll probably put some pictures up later or tomorrow.

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